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DoKa Wise Procurement Agency is a Sourcing - Trading agency connecting International buyers with various manufacturers in Turkey. No matter what your sector is, we are able to provide you with the best selection of the leading manufacturers in the market ensuring trustworthy and long-lasting partnerships.


DoKa Wise  is established to locate suppliers and to negotiate the best price without sacrificing quality for those goods and services needed by their organization. Our experience in different markets helps clients to find the best solution.


As a procurement agency we develop a business strategy thanks to our different types of market knowledge with our  wide network from suppliers to marketing. 


Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Companies; if you have a new business idea or want to expand your commercial network, contact us to build you the best business solutions and strategies!




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She is a professional with extensive experience in e-commerce, digital marketing, and procurement. Aysu's expertise in e-commerce allows her to help businesses of all sizes develop and implement effective online sales strategies, while her digital marketing skills enable her to drive brand awareness and customer engagement through a range of channels.


Her experience as a procurement agent has given her a unique perspective on the challenges businesses face when sourcing goods and services, and she optimizes procurement processes and supplier relationships.

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Selin has a professional corporate background with a 10 years experience of Project Management for finance, audit  and banking sectors. She has taken various roles in different areas. That brought her knowledge of different markets as a manager. 


Besides these she specialized in  e-trade by being a commercial entrepreneur.  

Having an e-trade business gave her a chance to learn the consuming behaviors of different cultures. 

“We have had the pleasure of working with this DoKa Wise on multiple projects. We have been consistently impressed with their knowledge of the Turkish furniture industry, as well as their professionalism and commitment to delivering exceptional procurement solutions to us. They carefully inspected the products before shipment"

 Citi Home Furniture, USA



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Acıbadem, Istanbul, Turkey

Levent, Istanbul, Turkey

+90 530 231 34 95

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